Band, musicians & collaborations

Andrea Schroeder

vocals, harmonium, shrutibox, lyrics, composition

Jesper Lehmkuhl

guitars, composition

Dave Allen


Chris Hughes

drums, percussion

Maurizio Vitale

drums, percussion


live & album


Catherine Graindorge

violin, viola

Mike Strauss

organ, piano

Jacob Sorensen Kulkur


Chris Eckman

hammond, guitar & more

Ulf Ivarsson

Athmospheres, Synth

Kristof Hahn

lap steel

Pelle Ossler


Anda Eckman

choir vocals

Soma Allpass


Milan Cimfe

drums, bass

Ziga Golob

standup bass

String players of the
Prague Metropolitain Orchestra

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg

Estro Armonico
conducted by Gast Waltzing

Lyrics and composition

Lyrics by Andrea Schroeder

Music composer: Andrea Schroeder and Jesper Lehmkuhl

Lyrics for “Bebop Blues”, “Galaxies of Blue” and “The Rattlesnake”

based on poems by Charles Plymell

Lyrics by Gary Heffern for “Blackberry Wine”

Lyrics by Rob Plath for “Black Sky”

“Dark Nightingales” music composed in collaboration with Richard Horowitz

“My Skin Is Like Fire” music composed in collaboration with Hubert Widmann

Orchestra arrangements by Max Knoth

Producing, mixing, engineering, mastering

Ulf Ivarrson – Producing, soundengineering

Victor Van Vugt – Soundengineering and mixing

Chris Eckman – Producing and mixing

Andrea Schroeder & Jesper Lehmkuhl – Producing

Milan Cimfe – Mastering and soundengineering Sono Recording Studios

Ric Vaughan – Soundengineering Ocean Sound Recording Studios

David Hefti – Soundenineering Hansa Studios

Live mixing

Jan Veltman
Wolfgang Geier

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