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Andrea Schroeder – Berlin
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Andrea Schroeder – Void

Andrea Schroeder is an exceptional figure among German female singers, a song poet whose dark voice captivates as much as her lyrical and often melancholic lyrics. In August 2016, the critically acclaimed third album “Void” by the Berlin artist was released on Glitterhouse Records. While “Blackbird” and “Where The Wild Oceans End” were produced by “Walkabouts” mastermind Chris Eckman, the Swedish producer Ulf Ivarsson (known for his work with “Thåström” and “Sivert Höyem”) took his place for “Void.” The album was produced in collaboration with Andrea Schroeder and Jesper Lehmkuhl in Berlin and Stockholm. Victor Van Vugt, known for his work with exceptional artists like Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, P.J. Harvey, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Mick Harvey, was responsible for the mix. In addition to her band, Andrea Schroeder also had special musicians as guests on the album, including Kristof Hahn (“Swans”) and Pelle Ossler (“Ossler,” “Thåström,” “Sällskapet”).

Schroeder was part of the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Session Project album “Axels and Sockets” (2014) in collaboration with Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Blondie, Mark Lanegan, Hugo Race, Mick Harvey, Lydia Lunch, and more. Another international collaboration was released in January 2017 on Mute Records with the Serge Gainsbourg cover album “Intoxicated Women” by Mick Harvey (Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Pj Harvey, Crime and the City Solution).

After European club and theater tours, TV, radio, and festival performances, as well as orchestral concerts with the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg for radioeins and Estro Armonico at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, Andrea Schroeder is finally back performing live with her band. The setlist includes songs from the new album as well as from her previous albums – “Where The Wild Oceans End” (January 2014), which, like her debut album “Blackbird” (2012), garnered enthusiastic praise from critics and the music press. The Musikexpress described it as “a mix of folk and chanson, blues, rock, and art song combined into a sensational debut.” Radio Eins called it “a top-class dark album.” The Rolling Stone described her second work as “a powerful album full of drama and melancholy, somewhere between Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker, Nick Cave, and Nico,” and judged her new album “Void” as follows: “Andrea Schroeder sounds like a nocturnal prayer, and there’s no one else in Germany who sounds like this – a Hildegard Knef of melancholy, feather boa over the shoulder, supported by a band that, in the title piece, sets a dark and heavy, bass-heavy and broad-legged foundation on which Schroeder can tread.”

(Glitterhouse Records)

“The High Priestess of Doom becomes the Gothic-Knef… An absolute buy recommendation for this songwriting gem.”

laut.de (5/5)

“Andrea Schroeder sounds like a night prayer, and there is no one else in Germany who sounds like this – a Hildegard Knef of melancholy, feather boa around the shoulder, supported by a band that, right in the title track, sounds dark and heavy, bassy and wide-legged, laying a foundation upon which Schroeder can walk.”

Rolling Stone (4/5)

“‘Void’ is now already the third album full of expansive down-tempo chansons, with which she attracts attention, and which is recommended for night drives where arriving is not the most important thing.”

Galore (4/5)

“With captivating presence, the Berlin-based singer solidifies her status as a major contender of Pop Noir.”

Musikexpress (4/5)

“Andrea Schroeder illuminates the darkness with torches […] nocturnal journeys to the end of the capital.”

Spiegel Online

“In Pop Noir, currently only one name counts: Andrea Schroeder.”

Audio (4/5)

“Schroeder is something like the pacemaker of a new Noir movement in pop, which no longer articulates its discomfort with the conditions brutally with the means of post-punk or in a world-averse, gothic guise.”

Die Welt am Sonntag

“The aura of a Marlene Dietrich of Pop Noir (…), whose dark elegance will resonate for quite a while.”

Kulturnews (4/6)

“[…] Voice, style, and gesture that remind one of Cave, Cohan, or even Dietrich.”


Produced by Ulf Ivarsson (Thåström, Sivert Höyem) and Schroeder/ Lehmkuhl in Berlin and Stockholm

Recorded and mixed by Victor Van Vugt in Berlin (Nick Cave, The Fall, Sonic Youth, The Walkabouts, P.J. Harvey, Einstürzende Neubauten, Mick Harvey, The Go Betweens)

Band: Jesper Lehmkuhl, Dave Allen, Catherine Graindorge, Mike Strauss and Maurizio Vitale and our special guests Kristof Hahn (Swans) and Pelle Ossler (Ossler, Thåström, Sällskapet)