Welcome to the official website of Andrea Schroeder, an extraordinary talent in Germany’s music scene. Described as a musical poetess with an outstanding voice, Andrea Schroeder is celebrated for her thrilling and melancholic songs, reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich, Nico, Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Tindersticks, according to the international press. With her unique style, her music has been embraced by listeners around the globe.

Her music is available in various formats including CD, Vinyl, and digital. Released on Glitterhouse Records, Mute Records, Razzia | Sony Music and BMG Warner | BMG Scandinavia. Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing and BMG Rights Management.

A nocturnal journey to the edge of the capital.


Andrea Schroeder has collaborated with international artists on various projects. In 2014, she worked with artists like Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Blondie, Mark Lanegan, and many others, on the Album ‘Axels and Sockets’ in the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Session Project, released on Glitterhouse Records. In 2017, she contributed vocals for three songs to the Serge Gainsbourg cover album ‘Intoxicated Women’ by Mick Harvey (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey) released on Mute Records. Additionally, she appeared as a guest singer on Thåström’s award winning gold album ‘Centralmassivet’, released on Razzia | Sony Music and as a singer and writer on Swedish post-industrial band Sällskapet’s third album, ‘Disparition’, released on BMG Scandinavia | BMG Warner.


Schroeder’s music has also been featured in movie soundtracks and documentaries, including “Bowienext: A Documentary” and the films “Detour” and “A Telephone Call” among others.

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