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Sällskapet Disparition (featuring Andrea Schroeder)

1. Disparition, Pt. 1
2. Morgenlicht
3. Die Zeit Vergeht
4. Westerplatte
5. L’autostrada
6. Wandler
7. Waltzer
8. Tiefenrausch
9. Disparition, Pt. 2

Swedish ambient-industrial purveyors Sällskapet (Swedish for ’company’ as in I keep company with them… or ’society’ as in a secret society) was formed in 2003 by friends and alternative rock veterans Joakim Thåström (Thåström, Ebba Grön, Imperiet, Peace, Love & Pitbulls, solo), Niklas Hellberg (Thåström, All That Jazz, Peace, Love & Pitbulls, Citizen H) and Pelle Ossler (Ossler, Thåström, Wilmer X, solo). The idea was to experiment and create music and soundscapes that didn’t fit in with their main musical outputs. In early 2007 they released their debut single Nordlicht, about a bar in Hamburg of the same name. It was followed by an eponymous debut album in March of that same year to critical acclaim and strong sales figures (even rendering them a short stay at the top of the Swedish album charts). A follow up, Nowy Port, named after a district in Gdansk, Poland, was released in April 2013, also to favorable reviews.

Sällskapet makes industrial music with the aggressiveness turned inward and the tempo considerably slowed down. It is music made in the shadows. If David Lynch’s 2017 return to Twin Peaks was set in the Ruhr Area instead of the Pacific Northwest, Sällskapet would’ve provided the soundtrack. It is also music to keep you company – on lonely walks through town, or on lonely train rides through European dusk. For this third album things are kind of the same, yet they really aren’t. Even though Sällskapet have always planted their music firmly in European soil (or concrete, rather), with this album they dig even deeper. This is to a large extent courtesy of Berlin-based chanteuse Andrea Schroeder. Andrea, a renowned solo star in her own right with three stellar albums to prove it, provides eerie vocals and lyrics to eight of the albums nine tracks. Founding member and singer Thåström is no longer a permanent member of Sällskapet, and features on this release only as a duet partner on the driving and menacing L’autostrada.

Sällskapet’s third album is produced by Sällskapet and mixed by Michael Ilbert in Berlin’s legendary Hansa Ton Studios. It is being released in April 2018 via BMG.