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A Telephone call – Film music

We all are honored to participate in this special road movie A Telephone Call by  Yezid Jimenez and James Fitzgerald Reed with the song ‘Blackbird’ in its raw demo version.

Inspired by a short story from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In the countryside on a deserted road at night, Sofia’s (Carolina Rivero) car has broken down. Forced to hitch hike in order to reach a telephone box, she is then picked up by a van. Seated next to the driver is a nurse in uniform. A the back, Sofia (Carolina Rivero) then discovers sleepy women wrapped in blankets lying on top of each other. A name tag is attached to their neck. At destination, Sofia (Carolina Rivero) and the women are instructed to get inside and brutally pushed into what Sofia (Carolina Rivero) gathers to be an hospital; there she is told that she will be able to make her telephone call. Unknown to her, she has reached a psychiatric hospital and mistaken for one of the inmates brought there to be interned for the rest of their lives. After months of physical and sexual abuse by a female guard ( Canelle Hoppe), Sofia (Carolina Rivero) at last is allowed to call her husband (Yezid Jimenez) and beg him to come and rescue her. When the husband arrives and is told by the hospital director that his wife has become insane, he believes her. He then becomes afraid of Sofia (Carolina Rivero) and after a few visits decides to abandon her to her fate. — Yezid Jimenez

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